BeaverMatic sold an internal quench furnace (IQF) and a temper furnace to Nevada Heat Treating Inc. for enhanced acceleration of product development cycles in growth industries. The IQF furnace has a work area of 30 inches wide x 48 inches long x 26 inches high for hardening 1,500 pounds of small- to medium-size parts. In tandem, the temper furnace – with identical workload capacity – will relieve the internal stresses and reduce brittle¬ness of parts after hardening. BeaverMatic constructs the temper furnace with six indirect straight-through radiant-tube burners, alloy radiant tubes and spark ignition system with a 400,000 BTU/hour total output.

For precision control of temperature and furnace operations, Super Systems Inc. will be used for software and process control. The 9205 controller will provide all the necessary temperature and atmosphere control. Complementing the process control is the SuperDATA SCADA system, which will provide Nevada Heat Treating with quick access to real-time and historical data throughout the plant.