Nitrex Metal delivered a turnkey nitriding system to China’s Chongqing Hongjiang Machinery Co. Ltd., a producer of engine fuel-injection systems. The NX-1015 includes Nitreg® nitriding and Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing technologies to automatically control treatments for fuel-injector assembly parts as well as transmission parts made of Nitralloy, tool steels, high-grade steels and other specialty steels. The system also houses an ammonia dissociator for just-in-time delivery of process gases and a neutralizing system to eliminate residual ammonia and meet local environmental targets.

Chongqing Hongjiang currently operates several nitriding furnaces using ammonia dissociation burettes to monitor and control the processes. However, due to the production of more sophisticated automotive part designs and tougher specification demands, the company chose this nitriding system to meet the need for more tightly controlled nitriding/nitrocarburizing.