Tenova Core received an additional contract from Armstrong World Industries to provide a complete material-handling feed system for the new 12.5-MVA submerged-arc furnace (SAF) at Armstrong’s new Millwood, W.V., facility. The custom-designed system will be used to transport slag feed materials into the SAF vessel and will be designed to minimize dust emissions and reduce material waste. Although the SAF vessel will be continuously tapping, the material-handling system will be designed to batch feed the vessel at a rate to ensure a high level of product uniformity.

The material-handling system and SAF installation is expected to be completed in 2011, and the plant will be in production in 2012. Tenova Core, in conjunction with Tenova Pyromet (South Africa), was contracted in September 2010 to supply the new SAF. Material-handling components such as conveyors, vibratory feeders and weighing systems will be manufactured in the U.S.