BeaverMatic Inc. received an order for a car-bottom furnace from Metals Engineering of Green Bay, Wis. The furnace has a workload capacity of 45,000 pounds and a work area of 8 feet wide x 7 feet high x 18 feet long. For storing and tracking numerous customer recipes, Metals Engineering required a control system incorporating a multi-loop programmable temperature controller and videographic recorder capable of storing multiple recipes, real-time trending and historical data collection. The combustion system along with the control system split the furnace into multiple zones to ensure temperature uniformity while supplying a total of 3,675,000 BTU/hour output.

With the workload capacity and processing versatility, this car-bottom furnace is capable of handling larger components. The furnace’s overall footprint dimensions are 14 feet wide x 49 feet long with the car extended by 21 feet, 4 inches high. To meet growing demand, Metals Engineering invested in capital heat-treating equipment to stress relieve, anneal and normalize various-size components.