Lucifer Furnaces delivered a large tempering batch oven to a leading East Coast manufacturer of precision grinding equipment. Key features of this unit include a vertical airflow pattern and wire-on-rod heating elements. A roof-mounted stainless steel belt-driven fan with a heavy-duty motor provides vertical airflow for uniform heat. Coil-wound heating elements mounted on ceramic rods on all sidewalls provide rapid, energy-efficient heat, and a stainless steel liner serves to baffle the fan and elements so that air is circulated past the heating elements then upward through the chamber.

The furnace is lined with 6.5 inches of multilayered lightweight insulating firebrick and mineral-wool block for maximum heat storage and minimum heat loss. Powered with 42 kW, this heat-treating oven reaches 1400°F. The 18-cubic-foot chamber is complete with cast alloy roller rails to accommodate a large, heavy load.