LOI Thermprocess, a Tenova LOI Italimpianti Group company, received an order for a TCF twin-chamber melting furnace for stage two of Aluminium Norf’s recycling center in Germany. The new recycling system is to be designed for a daily throughput of 150 metric tons of liquid metal, which will be produced entirely from aluminum scrap. The furnace is to be equipped with a regenerator system to allow highly efficient waste-heat recovery from the furnace flue gas. The reduction in the flue-gas flow rate and temperature cuts the capital cost of the filter system. In addition, the LOI regenerator system cools the flue gas rapidly, improving the environmental compatibility of the plant.

Different types of aluminum scrap are to be melted, and the liquid metal produced will be processed to form new rolling bars. Contaminated scrap can be melted without pre-treatment. The integrated waste-gas treatment system ensures that pollutants are combusted safely and efficiently. Trial operation of the extended recycling center is due to start in the autumn of 2011.