Lucifer Furnaces installed a dual-chamber furnace at Amarillo College’s Manufacturing Technologies Department. The Model HS84 furnace has two 12-inch-high x 12-inch-wide x 24-inch-long chambers mounted in a space-saving arrangement. The upper hardening chamber heats to 2450°F, and the lower tempering chamber reaches 1400°F. The furnace will be part of the school’s program to teach the principals of heat treating of metals.

The upper chamber is insulated with 6.5 inches of dry-fit lightweight ceramic fiber and mineral-wool block for energy efficiency and heated with silicon-carbide elements mounted across the roof and below the hearth. The lower chamber is lined with insulating firebrick, mineral-wool backup and a stainless steel liner, and it is heated with coiled heating elements in easy-to-replace holders mounted along the sidewalls. An SCR power supply provides a steady low amperage and voltage supply to the elements for longer life, and a double-pivot horizontal swing door keeps the hot face away from the user at all times.