Lucifer Furnaces shipped a large recirculating oven to a West Coast manufacturer that will be using the unit for annealing and stress relieving. The 36-inch-high x 36-inch-wide x 48-inch-deep work chamber is heated electrically, with the work area baffled from the heating elements by a stainless steel liner. Energy-efficient, 6.5-inch multilayered firebrick and mineral wool block insulation minimize heat loss from the oven, which heats to 1400F.

Iron-chrome-aluminum sidewall heating elements deliver 50 kW for fast heat-up and load recovery rates. A rear-mounted, 1.5-HP belt-driven fan directs air across the heating elements and into the work chamber in a horizontal air-flow pattern for uniform temperature. A side-mounted time-proportioning digital temperature control unit maintains a stable environment.