Digital Force Gauge

The all new Series 3 digital force gauges are designed for tension and compression force testing in quality control, manufacturing and R&D areas. A range of capacities from 0.12 to 500 pounds (0.5 N to 2500 N) is available to address numerous applications in virtually every industry, including medical device, automotive, aerospace and others. Accuracy is better than +/-0.3% of full scale. The force gauges feature a sampling rate of 2,000 Hz; large, backlit graphic display; and simple, intuitive menu structure for quick access to the gauges’ features and configurable parameters. Data output is possible via USB for further analysis on a PC. Integrated setpoints with indicators are ideal for pass-fail testing. The gauges are overload protected to 150% of capacity, and an analog load bar is shown on the display to help the user identify when an overload condition is imminent.