Siemens VAI Metals Technologies started up the LD (BOF) converter and continuous slab caster for the second production line at ThyssenKrupp CSA’s Siderùrgica do Atlântico steel mill in Rio de Janeiro. The facility, which is designed to produce approximately 5 million tons of slabs annually, cast its first slab on the first line in September. Siemens VAI supplied two basic oxygen furnace plants, secondary metallurgical facilities, primary and secondary dust-cleaning systems, two continuous slab casters, and the associated electrical and automation equipment.

Steel is produced in two 330-metric-ton LD (BOF) converters that are equipped with ConLink vessel-suspension systems, quick-change oxygen lances, pneumatic slag stoppers, sub-lances and bottom-stirring systems. The secondary metallurgical plant includes two ladle-blowing stands for steel homogenization as well as a chemical-heating stand and RH vacuum-degassing plant. The RH tank has a combined oxygen-blowing (COB) lance for decarburization and precise adjustment of the steel quality.