Metlab, a Philadelphia, Pa.-based commercial heat treater, entered into an agreement with a manufacturer of camshafts to heat treat their product. The camshafts, manufactured from 8620 or 9310 steel, range in size from 1.5 to 3.5 inches O.D. x 24 to 72 inches long. The heat treating is done with the parts in the vertical position, resulting in a product that is straight within 0.005 inches T.I.R. Heat-treatment requirements are a case depth of 0.120 inches minimum and surface hardness in excess of HRC 62. Cryogenic processing in between tempering is required to minimize retained austenite and increase camshaft performance.

Metlab heat treats the product in one of its two long pit furnaces, which can handle parts up to 16-feet long. The manufacturer’s target market is NASCAR racing engines as well as specialty aircraft and industrial engines. Metlab can comfortably heat treat up to 48 camshafts in a cycle, and straightening, if necessary, is accomplished on one of two 100-ton presses.