Lucifer Furnaces will supply a high-temperature, dual-chamber furnace to a leading designer and manufacturer of specialized cutting tools and tooling equipment based in Victoria, Australia. The heavy-duty furnace has a 12-inch x 12-inch x 12-inch hardening chamber mounted above an identically sized tempering chamber. The upper chamber, which heats to 2450°F, contains long-lasting silicon-carbide heating elements with an SCR power supply for steady-state power control. Ceramic-fiber insulation combined with mineral-wool fiber reduces energy costs and facilitates faster heating and cooling cycles.

The lower chamber, which heats to 1200°F, contains a stainless liner forming the work area, which is uniformly heated with easy-to-replace heating elements and a recirculating rear-mounted fan. Horizontal swing doors on both chambers have cam locks to ensure a positive seal and safety micro switches to shut off power when doors are opened. These electrically heated units are regulated with Honeywell digital time-proportioning programmable controllers with comports for computer interface.