Super Systems Inc. and Bluewater Thermal Solutions are implementing a state-of-the-art controls platform to deliver more efficiency through technology enhancements at Bluewater’s heat-treating operation in Benton Harbor, Mich. With the use of new programmable controls and a burner-efficiency monitoring system, the facility plans to automate loads in a batch IQ furnace and provide more efficiencies by monitoring the proper air-gas ratio on the burners. Super Systems’ programmable controller will automate the process control for sophisticated cycles used for carburizing and neutral applications.

Along with the recipe controller, discrete temperature controls will be used for the temper furnace and oil quench. This provides a complete solution for the batch furnace. The eTRIM burner-management system will be used to alarm operators when any of the burners are operating inefficiently. The new control equipment will be integrated into the existing Super Systems’ SCADA package, SuperDATA, which provides plant-wide information quickly with complete traceability without paper.