Solar Manufacturing received an order for a specialized top-loading vacuum furnace from a manufacturer of tube fittings, adapters, valves, filters and related coupling hardware. The primary application of the vacuum furnace will be for the development and expansion of production carburizing techniques as related to the end-user’s products. The Model VTL-714-VC has a work zone that measures 7.5 inches in diameter x 14 inches high with a load capacity up to 250 pounds. The hot zone will incorporate a combination of Flexshield hot face backed by layers of graphite felt to allow for operation up to 2400°F with bake-out capability of 2500°F.

The elements will be graphite rod placed in a vertical electrical wye configuration, and quenching will be accomplished via an external 10-HP cooling system. The various gas-flow control systems are provided to accomplish the processing results dictated by the proposed applications, and the vacuum system included allows for controlled operation in the 10-2to 50 Torr range.