RAD-CON Inc. completed the commissioning of a bell-type furnace at Pang Chang Metals Co. Ltd. in Taichung, Taiwan. The furnace and 100% hydrogen annealing base join two other RAD-CON bases for the spheroidize annealing of alloy steel blanks used in subsequent cold-forging operations. The spheroidization consistency has allowed complex parts to be manufactured in fewer steps and to tighter tolerances. The RAD-CON system with AC/APEX technology has allowed Pang Chang to lower its costs by avoiding the need to shave the material since the annealed blanks are free of decarburization.

Pang Chang, which manufactures high-quality cold forgings used in the automotive industry, selected RAD-CON for this expansion in January 2010. The equipment arrived in August, and commissioning was completed in October.