SMS-Elotherm recently provided two fully-automated machines to harden gear teeth and bearing races in large slewing rings at Liebherr’s new state-of-the-art wind-power drivetrain plant near Monterrey, Mexico. SMS-Elotherm has developed and patented technologies to scan-harden bearings and ring gears up to several meters in diameter, including the ability to scan-harden complete rings with no remaining soft zone. This capability reduces the cost, time and complexity for making stronger, quieter and more durable bearings and gears.

Liebherr, which is headquartered in Bulle, Switzerland, produces cranes and other heavy equipment and components used in aerospace, construction, maritime, material-handling, military, mining and power-generation applications. As a member of the SMS Group, Elotherm is a vertically integrated OEM of induction systems for a wide range of processes.