Pressure Tumble-Blast Machine

The Model T-50 tumble-blast system offers advantages for certain challenging batch processing applications. The tumble-basket machine is designed for overall blasting of small components. Direct-pressure media delivery is capable of efficiently accelerating shot or grit to higher velocities, imparting more energy to component surfaces. Not only does pressure-blast speed up the cycle time per batch, but it enables the performance of some surface-treatment work that could not be accomplished by suction-blast equipment, such as high-intensity shot peening of racing valve springs, peening other high-performance springs or small parts, stripping of tough coatings, blast cleaning heavy scale and etching hard materials. The T-50 tumble-blast cabinet features a 30-inch-diameter basket that is 15 inches deep and has a working capacity of approximately 1 cubic foot or 75 pounds of components per batch.