SECO WARWICK Allied commissioned a 54,500-MTPA-capacity four-base hydrogen-atmosphere annealing system for Uttam Galva Steels Ltd. or Khopoli, India. The charge material is cold-rolled strip coils of grade DQ/DDQ having an outer diameter 2,000 mm and width of 1,250 mm. Each annealing base is designed for a maximum load of 108 MT and reference charge load of 96.4 MT. The designed overall stack height is 5,300 mm for four coils per batch, which are stacked using intermediate convectors between the coils.

The scope of supply for the installation included two gas-fired heating hoods (pulse firing) based on LPG/NG fuel, four annealing bases each with base valve stands, four corrugated inner covers, two mist cooling hoods, main common pressure-reducing station for the utilities and complete PLC-based control and monitoring system. Uttam Galva Steels is one of the largest manufacturers of cold-rolled steel in western India.

SECO WARWICK Allied also announced the completion of a new 4,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India. SECO WARWICK Allied, which has over 180 employees, produces industrial furnaces and incineration systems.