AK Steel announced that employees at its Middletown, Ohio, steel plant set a world record for consecutive heats of carbon steel continuously cast on either a single-strand or double-strand caster. In a sequence that began on March 6, crews at the company’s Middletown Works cast 2,156 consecutive heats of steel through the plant’s double-strand caster. The sequence ended May 4 for a planned maintenance outage. During the 59-day sequence, a total of about 103 miles of carbon-steel slabs were cast.

Caster employees worked accident-free during the record-breaking run, while producing 474,131 tons of carbon steel slabs. AK Steel’s Ashland, Ky., plant previously held the world record for consecutive heats (1,851) cast on a single-strand caster. Employees in the melting, maintenance, transportation, energy and blast-furnace departments also contributed to the performance.