Lucifer Furnaces delivered a high-temperature box furnace for use with inert atmosphere to an ISO 9001-certified, U.S.-based manufacturer of firearms. The furnace, rated for operation up to 2750°F, is equipped with silicon carbide rod-type heating elements mounted above and below the hearth, providing uniform heat. Designed with a continuously welded furnace shell, the roof plate and door are gasketed to form a gas-tight shell for operation with a positive flow of protective inert atmosphere. The 12-inch x 12-inch x 12-inch chamber is lined with firebrick and mineral-wool block insulation.

A silicon carbide plate mounted on ceramic piers provides a flat work surface, supporting the workload while permitting thermal transfer from the floor elements. The furnace was supplied with a Honeywell digital time-proportioning temperature control, selector switches and tapped power transformer for energy efficiency and longer heating-element life.