Beris-China awarded a contract to Tenova for the supply of a 250-tons/hour Consteel® EAF to be installed at a new steel plant in Jiangsu Province scheduled to start operation in May 2011. The furnace will have a total capacity of 330 tons with a 220-ton tapping size. It will be equipped with a 150-MVA transformer and produce nearly 2.5 tons per MW. The mix charge of the EAF will be scrap combined with a small percentage of pig iron. One supersized EAF was selected over two mid-size, conventional EAFs due to advantages in lower investment, reduced space requirement and cheaper production cost.

Tenova acquired LanceStat anti-slopping technology developed by New York-based Nupro Corp. to prevent ejection of scrap and steel from the furnace during the BOF steel production process. LanceStat monitors the vibrations of the BOF oxygen lance, interpreting the harmonic frequencies generated in order to predict and anticipate undesired slopping events. Tenova successfully tested the technology on an industrial scale in 2009.