According to MPIF, the powder metallurgy (PM) industry has returned to a growth track after several years of declining shipments. Iron powder shipments in the first quarter of 2010 soared 64% above the same period in 2009 to 88,410 short tons. First quarter 2010 copper and copper-base powder shipments rose 36% to 3,977 short tons. The light-vehicle market remains the dominant force impacting the PM industry. The North American automotive industry will consume an estimated 230,000 short tons of PM parts in 2010.

It is also estimated that the PM parts content in the average-size vehicle will remain the same as in 2009 with 41 pounds per vehicle. GM’s use of PM parts continues to be very strong at an average of 48 pounds per vehicle. Ford is next at 45 pounds, followed by Chrysler at 43 pounds. According to MPIF, the new six-speed transmissions introduced by GM and Ford have PM content in the 30-pound range. VisitMPIF's websitefor more information.