Powdermet, Inc. announced the initial operational status of its new microcomposite deformation processing facility in Euclid, Ohio. The company recently installed a 15-inch Mino-Battista 300-ton hot-rolling mill with capabilities of constrained rolling of sheet and plate ranging from 20 mils to 4 inches in thickness in widths up to 14 inches. The now operational hot-rolling facility supports development of micro/nanocomposite metals and represents a significant new capability to the advanced metallic composites industry.

The new microcomposite deformation processing center helps support Powdermet’s SComP™ syntactic composite, and MComP™ microcomposite, hierarchically structured high-strength micro/nanocomposite light-metal development efforts. The company’s MComP metals offer very high strength-to-weight ratios in magnesium and aluminum alloys, while the company’s SComP composites utilize ultra-low-density ceramic microballoon reinforcements to provide the lowest density and the highest energy adsorption capabilities of any metallic system in advanced development today.