The Inductotherm Furnace Group has received an order for six 30-ton steel capacity coreless induction furnaces, each with an 18,500-kW VIP® power supply, from a customer in the Middle East. When all the furnaces are on full power together, this installation will melt at the rate of 210 ton/hour, making it the largest induction furnace melting plant ever built with a total connected load of 111 MW. The Inductotherm induction furnaces were selected over arc furnaces because of their environmental advantages. When all factors are correctly evaluated, the induction furnaces can melt steel at lower cost than the previous arc furnaces.

Inductotherm induction furnaces have lower sound levels, reduced oxidation losses, reduced dust-collection requirements, and excellent temperature and chemistry control when compared to arc furnaces. Inductotherm has now supplied, or has on order, 37 installations worldwide of 14 MW and above. Of those installations, 26 are for melting steel. In addition to induction melting furnaces, Inductotherm is also able to offer the necessary reheating furnaces for the billets downstream of the continuous caster.