Germany’s SMS Meer and Switzerland’s SMS Concast will design and supply a turnkey mini-mill plant for beams and sections for United Steel Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The complex comprises a 120-ton electric-arc furnace, ladle furnace, bloom and beam-blank casting plant and heavy-section mill. The project, to be carried out in conjunction with Samsung Engineering, will be completed by 2012. SMS Concast will supply a melt shop with an annual capacity of 850,000 tons. SMS Meer will supply a heavy-section mill with an initial capacity of 600,000 tons/year.

The melt shop includes a 120-ton EAF for the charging of direct-reduced iron, a ladle furnace and a three-stand caster for various near-net-size bloom and beam blanks. The mill is designed for high flexibility in terms of product mix and sizes. This investment will create 1,000 new jobs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. United Steel Company plans to meet around 15% of the demand for steel beams and sections in the Middle East.