VAC AERO’s Kalisz, Poland-based operation installed a fully integrated High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) system based on a new-generation Carbide Jet System (CJS) produced by Dortmund, Germany-based Thermico. The system’s specially designed combustion chamber is fed by hydrogen, kerosene and oxygen fuel and optimized for spraying MCrAlY coatings on turbine engine components and tungsten carbide coatings on landing-gear components. Precise combustion and fuel configuration settings control particle temperature (300-2200°C) and velocity (700-1,200 meters/second) to achieve optimal coating efficiency in less time and lower fuel consumption than other HVOF systems.

The system was installed in a 13-foot x 13-foot x 10-foot soundproof booth. The CJS torch is set in motion by a new Fanuc M20 robot with 8-axis movement. The torch’s wide range of spraying temperatures (400-2500°C) prevents part overheating, and an ID torch allows for spraying of parts with inner diameters as small as 6 inches. The new HVOF system complements VAC AERO’s existing plasma-spray and inorganic paint coating capabilities.