Tempering Furnace

No. 885 is a 1400°F electric, inert atmosphere tempering furnace used for heat treating weldments. Its workspace dimensions measure 24 inches wide x 36 inches deep x 24 inches high. No. 885 has 42 kW installed in nickel chrome wire coils to heat the workspace, while a heat-resistant-alloy recirculating blower, powered by a 5-HP motor, provides vertical downward airflow to the workload. This tempering furnace features 7-inch-thick insulated walls comprising of 1 inch of 2300°F ceramic-fiber blanket, 2 inches of 1700°F ceramic-fiber blanket, 2 inches of block insulation and 2 inches of rock-wool insulation. No. 885 has an electrically operated vertical lift door with an automatic door switch to shut off the heaters when the door is opened.