Zenergy Power, in conjunction with its industrial partner Bültmann GmbH, received an order for a magnetic billet heater (MBH), taking the total number of units sold in the past six months to three. The machine has been purchased by Weseralu GmbH & Co., which previously installed an MBH from Zenergy Power at its Minden, Germany, manufacturing facility in July 2008. Weseralu became the first industrial metals producer to install and operate a superconductor MBH on a commercial extrusion line in July 2008.

Weseralu benefitted from a 50% reduction in energy consumption and a 25% increase in productivity after the first installation. Following the installation of the second machine, Weseralu’s extrusion business, which is capable of processing in excess of 14,000 metric tons of aluminum per year, will operate using only Zenergy Power’s superconductor-based heating equipment. Zenergy Power is a superconductor energy-technology company with three operating subsidiaries located in Germany, the U.S. and Australia.