Batch Oven

A gas-fired batch oven has been designed and manufactured to age aluminum tubes for the aerospace industry. The aluminum tubes range in size from ½ to 3 ½ inches in diameter and 24-30 inches long with a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds. The tubes are loaded onto a non-powered load cart and wheeled into the oven. This oven has chamber dimensions of 6 feet wide x 33 feet long x 6 feet high and a maximum operating temperature of 800º F. One vertical lift, pneumatically operated door is located at each end of the oven. The oven is constructed with 8-inch-thick tongue-and-groove panel assemblies and 18-gauge aluminized steel interiors and ductwork. The heating system features a 1.5 million BTU-per-hour air heat burner including a motorized gas control valve, flame detector and flame relay with alarm horn.