EFD Induction delivered a Terac 25 induction straightening system to Keppel AmFELS of Brownsville, Texas. The delivery makes Keppel AmFELS the first company in the U.S. to purchase the new Terac 25. The company will use the system to straighten main decks and living quarters on its large offshore drilling units. The Terac 25 is a complete, turnkey deck, bulkhead and side-shell straightening system. Its rapid, repeatable, controllable and localized heat has been documented to cut straightening times by as much as 80% compared to flame heating and other traditional methods.

Belgium-based steel wire specialists ArcelorMittal Fontaine agreed to purchase an EFD Induction Sinac induction generator for preheating steel strands. The Sinac is a low-frequency 200-kW model. Due for delivery before the end of 2009, the Sinac will be used to produce pre-stressed steel. This material, consisting of metal wires and strands made of wire rod, is mainly used in the construction industry.