Continuous Furnace

The NXH series of continuous nitriding/nitrocarburizing furnaces for high-volume production is available in two standard work sizes with custom length sizes from 36 to 72 in. (914 to 1,829 mm) and a load capacity of 1,110 to 4,400 lb (505 to 2,000 kg). The new furnace design, with flow-through mode, enables productivity to increase by 70% compared to large-scale batch furnaces. Its modular design allows multi-stage customization that meets a wide variety of applications and heat-treating requirements. Available cooling options are turbo cooling, rapid gas cooling and liquid quench. Easily integrated into an automated manufacturing environment, the furnace is capable of a continuous three-shift operation without operator supervision using the PROTHERM 9800 production management software package by Process-Electronic.
Info # 289