Can-Eng Furnaces International Ltd. will supply two 10-tons/hour rotary-hearth normalizing furnaces with quench-and-temper capability. The furnaces are for steel castings used in railcar truck assemblies, side frames and bolsters. The units will be supplied with a complete Level II automation system, automated material handling, two batch tempers, 80,000-liter quench tank c/w elevator, and loading and unloading roller-hearth conveyors with forced cooling on the post normalize side. The equipment is destined for Russian railcar manufacturer TVSZ.

Can-Eng’s scope of supply covers the entire thermal-processing needs of 73,000 tons/year of combined normalizing and quench and temper. A January 2011 start-up is anticipated, and production is targeted at 12,000 railcars per year. This heat-treatment cell is part of a larger $1 billion investment that will create a complete railcar casting, machining and car-assembly plant.