SKF Aeroengine announced the construction of a new heat-treat and research facility adjacent to its Falconer, N.Y., plant. The new 9,600-square-foot operation will result in state-of-the-art heat-treat amenities with cutting-edge technology. SKF will invest $6.8 million in capital equipment. The project, which took over two years to finalize, was supported by incentives from the state. Construction will be completed in early 2011. Heat treating is one of the most critical steps in the manufacturing of specialty bearings used in jet engines and helicopters.

Once the new facility is completed, operations at the Jamestown, N.Y, plant will be discontinued and all SKF operations will be moved to Falconer. Construction of the facility ensures that more than 600 workers will retain their positions for the foreseeable future, as every bearing produced by the company will make its way through the plant for heat treatment.