Air Liquide acquired the Hydrogen Generation Module (HGM) technology from H2Gen Innovations Inc., a designing, manufacturing and marketing company for on-site hydrogen generators and gas purification units based in Alexandria, Va. The HGM technology is being acquired by two Air Liquide affiliates: Air Liquide Process & Construction Inc. and Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP. H2Gen's on-site HGM units are modular steam methane reformers that provide flexible production capability solutions from below 2,000 to over 50,000 standard cubic feet per hour.

The HGM units produce high-purity hydrogen for a variety of applications, including heat treatment of metals, hydrogen energy and photovoltaic processes. In most of these markets, the demand for hydrogen is combined with a need for nitrogen or other specialty gases. H2Gen has numerous HGM units in operation in North America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP provides bulk gases and related services to a diverse base of customers.