Instron announced the successful commissioning of an extra-height 600kN universal testing system with the capability for tensile testing of advanced structural composites between -80°C and 350°C (-112°F and 662°F) at Hexcel Composites in Duxford, U.K. The system possesses excellent alignment characteristics and is fully equipped to perform a wide variety of tests. It is fitted with an alignment fixture that allows any load string misalignment to be removed as per Nadcap standards.

The hydraulic grips aid achievement of good specimen alignment and also provide excellent gripping performance at high loads. The special design allows the gripping heads and specimens to be enveloped in an environmental chamber, allowing test temperatures between -80°C and 350°C to be achieved while keeping all hydraulic oil outside of the chamber. The system comes equipped with Instron Bluehill® 2 testing software.