Brazil’s Dedini S/A Industrias de Base awarded an order for a VD/VOD facility to Switzerland’s SMS Concast. The plant will be treating 30-ton to 35-ton heats of carbon steel, low-alloy and stainless steel grades. It will be operated together with an existing arc furnace with a conventional tapping spout. The layout of plant makes provisions for a ladle furnace for later retrofitting. The liquid steel produced will be cast into blooms and castings. The VD/VOD facility is expected to be commissioned at the end of March 2010.

To enable production of steel grades with the lowest possible carbon content, the facility is being fitted with an oxygen-injection system for reduction of the carbon under vacuum. Dedini has also decided to invest in Roots vacuum pumps in order to ensure cost-effective operation. SMS Concast is a company of the SMS Group.