Rolls-Royce is ready to begin construction at Crosspointe, its new aerospace facility in Prince George County, Va. The first building will be a 140,000-square-foot disc-manufacturing facility. The discs, which are the part of a turbofan engine that contains the blades, will be used in some of the company’s newest civil aerospace products. Construction on the facility is expected to begin later this month or early October. Disc production will began once the site is operational, currently expected in the fourth quarter of 2010. Plans are also proceeding for the second building at Crosspointe – a blisk, or bladed discs, manufacturing facility. When completed, Crosspointe will be the largest Rolls-Royce site by area in North America and the first site built from the ground up in the U.S.

Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) signed a 10-year sourcing agreement with Rolls-Royce for the supply of nickel-based superalloy disc-quality products for commercial jet-engine applications. The agreement covers products sold by ATI Allvac, an ATI operating company, to the customer’s first-tier suppliers (forgers).