Zenergy Power plc, in conjunction with its industrial manufacturing and sales partner Bultmann GmbH, received an order for a low-energy/high-productivity superconductor induction heater. Known as the Magnetic Billet Heater (MBH), the machine has been purchased by an industrial producer of metal goods for the volume intensive heating of copper-alloy billets. The MBH achieves its heating standards by employing Zenergy Power’s proprietary superconductor technology, which delivers improvements in heating quality and consistency, output flexibility and just-in-time production capability.

The superconductor components also result in very low energy requirements and increased productivity levels. Zenergy Power’s first client, Weseralu GmbH, proved that using high-efficiency superconductor components reduces the amount of electricity consumed during the heating of metal billets by half while increasing productivity levels by 25%.