Lucifer Furnaces recently outfitted Indiana’s Vincennes University with a dual-chamber, space-saving furnace for use in its Precision Manufacturing Technology Program. The model is a combined hardening furnace above a drawing oven in one compact unit. The furnace provides both upper and lower heating-chamber dimensions of 12 inches x 12 inches x 24 inches. Insulating firebrick and mineral-wool block ensure energy efficiency and a low outside shell temperature. Vincennes University will be using the equipment to instruct students in the tool and die field.

Easy-to-replace heating elements are designed with heavy-gauge coiled wire of low watt density. The upper-chamber vertical-lift counterweighted door makes it easier for students to remove parts without having to work around the door. The lower draw chamber has a stainless steel alloy liner to form the work chamber and protect the heating elements. A heavy-duty, belt-driven recirculating stainless steel fan directs air circulation in a horizontal pattern for uniform heating.