Bodycote completed significant renovations to its 38,000-square-foot Berlin, Conn., facility in order to meet growing aerospace industry demands. Bodycote believes the improvements will help create important synergy with its South Windsor plant, offering combined capabilities that make it the largest aerospace vacuum heat-treating operation in New England. In addition, two new 72-inch-diameter vacuum furnaces were installed. Green enhancements were also made such as eliminating open-loop cooling-water systems. Equipment was transferred to a more efficient closed-loop cooling system, which saves on water and power consumption. Gas usage is also being saved through burner replacements of aluminum-processing furnaces.

The facility’s roof and wall panels have been replaced with new insulated panels that reduce heating costs. In conjunction with a program from the state of Connecticut, all lighting was upgraded, saving 112,000 KWH annually. Relocating walls and reorienting use of space added more administrative space. The recently installed vacuum equipment includes technology changes that are aligned with new business opportunities in the aerospace, defense and energy markets.