Zenergy Power received an order for a low-energy/high-productivity induction heater. Also known as a magnetic billet heater, the machine has been purchased by Sapa Profili Srl, the Italian subsidiary of the world’s largest aluminum-profiles producer, the Sapa Group. The heater will be used as a replacement for conventional gas heating equipment currently installed at the company’s aluminum plant in Bolzano, Italy. Sapa will exploit the superconducting machine’s processing versatility to enable the heating of several different types of aluminum alloy at the same plant.

The Bolzano plant will now be able to produce a wider range of aluminum products for a broader range of customers, increasing the size of its serviceable market and its overall commercial potential. Zenergy Power comprises three operating subsidiaries in the United States, Germany and Australia. The group's commercial focus is the innovation and manufacture of clean-energy superconductor solutions.