Heavy-Materials Handler

Shop Lift™ is an economical yet very rugged device, built to fit through most standard doorways, carrying up to a 600-pound payload and delivering it safely to a machine, storage rack, pallet, loading bay or onto a truck. With a gross weight of 700 pounds and small footprint measuring only 28 inches wide x 72 inches high x 61 inches long, this compact yet powerful device protects workers and loads alike. Driven by a 12-V electric-powered hydraulic pump with built-in battery and charger, Shop Lift features standard 18-inch-long sturdy steel forks with 9-inch load center, adjustable from 8-18 inches wide and with tilting to 15 degrees, capable of elevating a load up to 51 inches off the floor. Every type of load – including pallets, round bar stock, molds, tooling, crates, heavy workpieces and sensitive electronic or medical equipment – can be transported safely and easily by one operator using the onboard pendant control.