The American Iron and Steel Institute (AIS) reported that U.S. steel mills shipped 5.3 million net tons in July, a 9.9% increase from the 4.8 million nets tons shipped in June. A month-to-month comparison of shipments shows the following changes: hot-dipped galvanized sheet and strip was up 5.8%, hot-rolled sheet was up 6% and cold-rolled sheet was up 15.9%. July’s figure was a 42.5% decrease from the 9.2 million net tons shipped in July 2008.

World crude steel production for the 66 countries reporting to the World Steel Association was 103.9 million metric tons (mmt) in July, which is the highest monthly production figure this year. China’s crude steel production for July was 50.7 mmt, 12.6% higher than July 2008. It is the first time ever that China has produced over 50 mmt of crude steel in a month accounting for almost 50% of world crude steel production. The U.S. produced 5 mmt of crude steel in July 2009, a 41.6% decrease from July 2008.