Inductoheat, Inc. shipped a new simultaneous dual frequency (SDF) induction gear-hardening system to a supplier of automotive engine and powertrain components. The machine was specifically designed for heat treating a medium-size gear. Inductoheat’s SDF system can be used for high-volume single-shot hardening of several powertrain components, minimizing distortion of heat-treated parts and providing an optimized hardness pattern with favorable distribution of residual stresses. The total power exceeds 1,200 kW, comprising a medium-frequency and high-frequency module working simultaneously or in any sequence desirable to optimize properties of the heat-treated gears.

Allen Bradley controls with a PC touch-screen operator interface offer superior process-control and monitoring capabilities. An integrated closed-loop, water recirculation system reuses water for quenching and cooling. The system also has a high-speed servo spindle drive for precise control of rotation speed during heat and quench.