Rotary Shot-Peening System

A rotary indexing spindle-blast machine for metallurgical shot peening of proprietary machine tool components to dramatically increase the service life of the tooling has been designed and manufactured by Guyson Corp. The suction-blast peening sys-tem incorporates special features to control the cold-working process and ensure consistent impact treatment results. The six-station rotary table of the automated blast machine is mounted on a precision cam indexer that accurately steps the fixtured components through isolation, peening and blow-off chambers within the abrasion-protected cabinet. At two shot-peening sta-tions in the blast enclosure, the component-bearing spindles are rotated at controlled speed during the timed process cycle. The spindle rotation speed is adjustable. Multiple blast guns are pre-arranged at the shot-peening stations, rigidly held in posi-tion on telescoping and adjustable brackets, so the correct angle and offset of each nozzle is maintained to ensure the im-pingement of shot on target component surfaces.