Solar Manufacturing completed the shipment and commissioning of a model HCB-84288-2EQ vacuum car-bottom furnace to VSMPO-AVISMA in Verkhnaya Salda, Russia. This furnace is capable of processing 50,000-pound loads of titanium forgings and plate for aerospace and medical products. It is a horizontal, car-bottom vacuum heat-treating furnace specifically designed for large, heavy loads. Its graphite insulated hot zone is rated for a maximum temperature of 2250°F. The work zone measures 54 inches high x 54 inches wide x 288 inches long.

The furnace also features dual vacuum pumping systems consisting of two 35-inch diffusion pumps, dual high-velocity gas-quenching systems with variable-speed drives and the SolarVac 3000 control system. Two independent transfer cars travel on a common rail-guided carriage, which positions one or the other transfer car in the front of the furnace to load or unload charges into the work zone. Each transfer car is capable of handling 50,000 pounds.