Rotary Water-Blaster Spray Cabinet

The RW 120-72C rotary water-blaster spray cabinet is an extra-large capacity washer that offers a work envelope of 72 inches in height with a 120-inch-diameter worktable that can support up to 15,000 pounds. The RW 120-72C comes standard with two 15-HP seal-less pumps rated at 610 gallons per minute at 60 PSI. This washer features a double-wrap door for simplified loading with an overhead crane or forklift. Other standard features include a low-water, high-temperature fail switch that shuts off the gas burner to protect the heater, a safety interlock to prevent pump operation with the washer door open and a belt-style oil skimmer to remove tramp oils and fine solids from the detergent. The RW120-72C is ruggedly constructed with ¼-inch of reinforced plate steel. The double-door system is also constructed with ¼-inch of reinforced plate steel and utilizes a bearing hinge system for easy opening and closing.