Tyree Industries, Pty Ltd. placed an order with SECO/WARWICK for a roller-hearth furnace line to be installed at its Mittagong, NSW, Australia plant. The furnace line is designed to process wound transformer coils on a continuous basis. It will consist of a single-position furnace at a typical temperature of 1475°F followed by a three-chamber controlled cooling section in which the temperature will be reduced to below 660°F. Heating and controlled cooling are carried out in a protective atmosphere. The system will be designed to operate as a sequential roller hearth with trays indexed through the furnace and cooler sections. The net capacity rating will be 550 pounds per hour of wound transformer cores arranged on a 36-inch-wide x 48-inch-long tray.

Tyree Industries is an Australian-owned family business that designs and manufactures medium-voltage electrical products for the world’s electricity networks. It has two divisions: Tyree Distribution Transformers and Tyree Power. The Tyree group of companies has manufacturing and distribution resources located across Australia, New Zealand and the broader Asia pacific region.