Thermatool Corp. announced the successful commissioning of a precision slot quench system along with multiple induction preheaters for austenitizing and tempering operations on an induction/gas quench-and-temper line at Timken Steel. The quench system is designed such that it can process two size bands for pipe and bar from 4 inches up to 9 inches. The quench module is rafted and motorized, enabling the producer to change quench-ring diameters automatically. The precision quench equipment, complete with variable-flow pumps and a symmetrical high-impingement quench spray, offers opportunities for enhanced metallurgy and straightness.

Timken’s induction preheating sections utilize Thermatool’s VIP power supplies along with multiple full-body coils and automated centering stands for quick, efficient changeovers. The power supplies are configured through a software-modeling package that helps improve heating efficiency through varied power output. Thermatool is one of 40 companies making up the Inductotherm Group.