Inductoheat Inc. shipped two VSM95 induction-hardening systems to a supplier of flanged axle shafts for heavy-duty trucks. The VSM95 system is used for high-volume scan hardening of many cylindrical parts. This machine has a dual-spindle arrangement that allows for 70 inches of travel while scan hardening two, 60-pound flanged axle shafts at 30 inches/minute. A STATIPOWER® SP7 power supply uses 600kw at 1/3 kHz to achieve the desired penetration depth for this application. To keep the system flexible, it automatically adjusts for varying part lengths and is integrated in a fully automated cell with robot.

Allen Bradley controls offer 36-step part process program control, part positioning, power level, dwell time, scan speed, rotation speed and quench on/off. It also features a real-time display of process parameters. An integrated closed-loop, self-filtering, water recirculation system reuses water for quenching and has a magnetic drum separator that collects and removes metal scale from the quench tank. This shipment represents the final two VSM95 systems from the original order of six.